How to Learn SEO and Continue to Develop As an Optimizer

How to Learn SEO and Continue to Develop As an Optimizer

For over 10 years I’ve been performing search engine optimization for organizations ranging from small family run businesses to some of Australia’s largest publishers.

I think I know a lot about SEO, websites, how the web works and have Sommerseo some well respected SEO friends who would confirm this. But I’m happy to admit that I need to keep learning if I’m to continue to be good at what I do.

SEO changes and we need to keep learning about those changes. The web is certainly not standing still. It’s an amazing living thing that continues to grow, augment and develop.

So how does an SEO consultant train?

The amazing thing about SEO is that there is an abundance of free information available on the internet to help you learn about SEO and subsequently stay abreast of the latest changes.

But Beware! The web is also full of misinformation about the topic. This wrong information often comes from people blogging and commenting on topics that they know little about. They quote other people without verifying the information or without testing these ideas on sites they control.

You won’t know all things SEO by just reading what others say. You need to test ideas to prove or disprove them. With this in mind, here’s my top 5 ways of learning SEO and continuing your development

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