The Optimal Bee Pollen Dosage

The Optimal Bee Pollen Dosage

One of the more popular supplements these days is bee pollen. But, is there a optimal or specific bee pollen dosage that we should be taking?

The reason for the popularity is due to the many benefits one can get from this amazing natural substance. This includes helping you burn more calories by providing a boost to your metabolism, an increase in energy and an appetite suppressant.

When looking at the right bee pollen dosage, we should look at whether you are taking the supplement form or in the granule form. Many people prefer the supplement over the granule for a couple of reasons.

The granule form has a kind of chalky taste that a lot of people do not care for and if the supplement is a good one then it can be combined with specific enzymes to enhance the nutritional value.

People add a teaspoon of the granules to a variety of different things such as smoothies, tea, salad or cereal among other things.

Dosage for Weightlifters and Athletes

When you are looking at the specific bee pollen dosage for athletes and bodybuilders, then you would expect it to be more than say the average person.

The reason for this is the branch chain amino acids or BCAA, which areĀ Ibuta 677 found in this natural substance. These amino acids go right to the muscles, which is why weightlifters love them.

Athletes should check with the nutritional expert to determine the optimal dose for them. But, it could be significantly more than the average person.

Of course, another benefit to these natural supplements is that there is no gluten or lactose elements in them as more and more people seem to be developing an intolerance to these substances.

For most of us though, one thousand milligrams is considered to be the standard maximum daily bee pollen dosage.

What Can This Substance Do For the Average Person?

Ok, so we are not all athletes but this natural substance still brings a lot of benefits to the table for the average person. For example, it can provide a boost of energy not unlike caffeine, except without the jittery side effects.

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